SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm PE12


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Product Number: PE12
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Full Description
SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm PE12

PoolEye alarms are equipped with subsurface wave detection which is the latest in pool alarm technology. This technology is advanced and the most accurate for pool intrusion detection. These alarms will sound when there is unwanted pool intrusion or accidental falls into the water.

Detecting objects that weigh 15 pounds or more eliminates false alarms such as toys, floaters, wind, rain or falling leaves going into the water.
PoolEye has adjustable sensitivity features that allow you to choose the weight detection at which you feel comfortable for the alarm to alert.

PoolEye is essential for maximum pool security and gives ease to the mind, knowing that you are not the only lifeguard on duty! All above ground pool models monitor pools that are 24 feet round or 16 feet by 32 feet oval. Another one of the great things about this alarm is that it is affordable and easy to install.

Alarm Features:
  • Patented Sub-surface Wave Detection.
  • Under water sensor eliminates false alarms.
  • Detects objects 15 pounds or more.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity.
  • 120 dB alarm siren (stainless steel speaker)(95 dB at 10ft.)
  • Child proof locking ON/OFF switch with audio indicator.
  • Low Battery Notification that will chirp every 60 seconds.
  • Recommended for pool sizes 24 feet round or 16 feet by 32 feet oval, bigger pools will need additional alarms.
  • Automatic reset in 3 minutes.
  • Power check test button.
  • Sensor mounts under top ledge / siren on vertical support post outside of pool.
  • Water resistant and weather proof construction.
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Installation / Operation manual (English / French).
  • 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty
SmartPool PE12