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Snorkeling Bags & Cases

Sunplay has all sorts of bags to accommodate your snorkeling gear. Keep your mask, snorkel, fins and all other requisite components stored safely and within reach with snorkel bags at a price points friendly to all budgets. If you’re looking for something basic, try the mesh options from Mares. The benefit of mesh (particularly with snorkeling equipment) is that it allows water and sand to fall out of it and isn’t difficult to clean when the time comes.

If you’re looking for a more thoroughly waterproof option, try any of the OverBoard bags. Their dry bags are an excellent accessory for avid snorkelers who don’t want to worry about their belongings being damaged via moisture. You can even feel secure if your bag falls off an excursion boat and into the ocean—it can be fished out of the water with little to no leaking. Whether you choose a handheld dry bag, a backpack, or even a duffel, Sunplay offers bags in all kinds of capacities to accommodate your needs. These bags protect your valuables from dust, sand, dirt, dust, and water. They are made waterproof due to their unique seamless construction and two-way roll top sealing system.

Most dry bags come with a class rating that acts as an indicator of how waterproof the bag is. Class 1 can withstand light rain or splashing but is likely to be overcome by water if it is exposed to heavy pressure for long periods of time (or complete submersion). Class 4 and 5 bags are waterproof enough to be submerged under water up to several feet. It’s a great choice for sports like swimming and snorkeling whose participants aren’t taking their bags to extreme depths.

We also carry OverBoard products that offer extra protection to your phones, MP3 players, tablets, and eReaders. Keep everything clean, dry, and accessible while you relax at the beach or beside the hotel pool. Try our other waterproof accessories like OverBoard’s waterproof headphones. Protect all of your valuables and snorkeling gear with Sunplay’s great selection of bags and cases that are fit for the beach, boating excursions, or poolside adventures.