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Snorkeling Boots & Socks

Snorkeling can be an absolute joy; there’s nothing quite like being in the water exploring a world that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access. With the wrong equipment, however, snorkeling can become bothersome and even painful. Some of these woes can be caused by ill-fitting masks, low quality snorkels, or improperly-sized fins. One oft-overlooked accessory that is absolutely vital to your snorkeling experience is snorkeling socks or booties.

Snorkel socks like the Mares classic booties can be used on their own or in conjunction with a full wetsuit. They provide comfort and protection while wearing diving or snorkel fins. Without socks underneath, the straps on fins tends to rub against your bare skin that often results in painful blisters that make snorkeling uncomfortable and even nearly impossible to do without pain. Make your choice of snorkeling socks based on your shoe size and know that they are made with quality, double-lined neoprene that are well-constructed and meant to last.