Spa Aromatherapy

Never underestimate the power of smell! No matter your primary use for your hot tub, whether it’s to relax, rehab an injury, or have some romantic one-on-one time with your partner, aromatherapy can enhance any of those experiences. With great brands like Spazazz and Rx Therapy available in both crystal and elixir form, you’re sure to find the right combination for you. We also carry a great selection of scents so odds of finding a fragrance that works for you are great! 

It is important to never use something like a traditional bubble bath scent to your hot tub water. Because the products we carry are formulated specifically for spa use, it won’t affect your spa chemistry while still providing great aromas and moisturizing botanicals. They will not alter the pH in your water or leave behind any scummy residue, all while naturally easing aches, pains, inflammation, and tense muscles. 

The crystals we carry are quick dissolving and won’t accumulate on the bottom of your hot tub and affect the acrylic. Just like an elixir, the hot tub aromatherapy salts are meant to immediately dissolve in the water and circulate in the water, releasing their relaxing scent. While salt is typically thought of as drying, the specialty salts we carry are meant to replenish the moisture sapped from your skin and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

The Spazazz Rx crystals are made for physical wellness. With names like Sport Therapy, Energy Therapy, Detox Therapy, and Muscle Therapy, you will be able to find a bottle filled with specialized crystals for whatever ails you. Added to your regular routine of spa hydrotherapy, The Spazazz Rx crystals will help you feel better, mind, body, and spirit. 

You can also choose a Spazazz or Rx Therapy product for you based on scent. Many products come with a title that tells you its purpose explicitly. Others may leave you guessing. If you feel as though you’re left guessing, here’s a quick guide: 

To relieve anger, try anything that has chamomile, jasmine, or rose in the ingredients. To ease anxiety, buy something that has lavender, orange, peach, or cedarwood. Memory improving scents include jasmine, lavender, lemon, and rosemary. Check out our blog post on aromatherapy for a full list of symptoms that can be improved by specific scents. 

Just add the crystals or elixir to your water and you will be surprised how much it will enhance your experience. You can never have too many options, so load up on scents and try them all!