Spa Frog Floating System


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Product Number: 01-14-3883

Full Description
Spa Frog Floating System

The Spa Frog Floating System provides another easy way to distribute minerals and bromine into your spa, using up to 50% less bromine and transforming your spa into the perfect environment for relaxation. It uses pre-filled Spa Frog mineral and bromine cartridges that snap right into a reusable floating holder, which works with any spa brand or model.

Spa Frog mineral sanitizers are the only spa mineral systems to work with such low levels of Bromine for the highest water quality.

Spa Frog Floating System Features:
  • Includes Free Pack of Frog Test Strips (10 Strips)
  • Mineral Cartridge lasts for four (4) full months and then needs to be replaced
  • You can use the Yellow (last 2-4 weeks) or Purple (last 4-6 weeks) bromine cartridges
  • Spa Frog is compatible with all spa types floats in any spa
  • Reduces time spent on spa maintenance
  • Water feels softer with a crystal, clear shine
  • Using less Bromine helps to reduce chemical odors
  • Patented mineral spa disinfectant