Frog Jump Start


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Product Number: 01-14-6012
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Full Description

Spa Frog Jump Start

Spa Frog Jump Start is the perfect companion to the Spa Frog Floating System or In-Line System by starting up your freshly-filled spa with an initial chlorine boost to get your chlorine level right where it needs to be. Jump Start's effervescent action assists the chlorine so it dissolves faster and the "fizz" tells you that it's working.

Spa Frog Jump Start Features:
  • Size: 1.5 oz packet
  • Active Ingredients: Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrone 33%, Other Ingredients 67%
  • Also sold in a 6-Pack and 12-Pack
Spa Frog Jump Start Directions for Use:
Add one packet of Spa Frog Jump Start for 500 gallons of a fresh-filled spa. After allowing the product to bubble for a few seconds, turn the high speed jets on for one minute or until fully-dissolved.