Spa Parts

A hot tub is made up of many different appliances and elements made to work together to keep your spa functioning. There are the spa control systems, pumps, and heaters that keep your spa water at a comfortable temperature and running smoothly. When an older hot tub unit begins to have problems, don’t throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Many spas can be fixed by replacing specific parts that have begun to break down. Save money by troubleshooting your hot tub problem and replacing parts instead of buying a new hot tub altogether.

Spa control systems, often referred to as topside control panels, are the operation center of your hot tub. It tells you all you need to know about what’s going on in the water and gives you control enough so you can customize your in-water experience based on what you find the most relaxing. Most control panels operate the blower, jets, lights, and temperature. Sometimes these systems need replacement if the wires have shorted out or have just become out of date. Through a fairly simple process, you can replace your topside control panel after purchasing one that is compatible with your existing hot tub unit.

Hot tub pump problems are some of the most common that plague hot tub owners. Whether you need to replace the wet end, the pump shaft seal, or the whole pump, we have the parts that you need. Before you replace a pump or any of its component parts, check for pump speed options, horsepower, voltage, and plumbing size. You want to make sure what you order is compatible with your existing unit.

Spa heaters are another appliance that can have its fair share of problems over the years. Whether you’re not getting heat in your hot tub, you’re experiencing any abnormal noises, or are having other heat related issues, be sure to establish the problem and see if there is any way it can be resolved with replacement parts and not just the removal and replacement of the entire spa heater. Check out our quality selection of hot tub heater elements and see if this is the solution for you.