Spa Pure Brom Bank 16 oz


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Full Description

Spa Pure Brom Bank 16 oz

Spa Pure Brom Bank is a liquid solution of bromide salts, which remain in your spa as a stable bank until spa shock is added to the water. Brom Bank has no sanitizing properties until each time you add shock to your spa, then Brom Bank releases bromine into the water.
Spa Pure Brom Bank Directions:
  • Turn on your spa's circulation pump
  • Add four ounces of Brom Bank for every 250 gallons of water to establish a bromide reserve
  • Also add bromine tablets to your spa
Dosage Amount:
For the initial application or after draining and refilling your spa, distribute Brom Bank at a rate of four ounces per every 250 gallons of water. After the initial dose, Brom Bank should be added weekly at a rate of one ounce per every 250 gallons of water to maintain a bank of bromine in your spa.
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