Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme 16 oz


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Product Number: C004599-CS40P
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Full Description
Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme 16 oz

Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme breaks down organic contaminants right as they enter the spa, so you don't have to experience unpleasant odors or scum around the spa. This boost in sanitizer effectiveness keeps spas and hot tubs safer, while greatly improving bather comfort.

Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme Features:
  • Biodegrades and emulsifies body oils, lotions, and other contaminants
  • Extends the life of your spa's filter
  • Reduces or eliminates waterlines around the spa's surface
Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme Dosage:
  • Apply 2 oz per 500 gallons of water to maintain clear, odor-free spa water.
  • When comparing Spa Pure dosage amounts to other chemical brands you will find that Spa Pure Scum Away offers the BEST VALUE for your money.
  • Formerly known as Scum Away.