Spa Pure Natural Clear 16 oz


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Product Number: C003403-CS40P

Full Description
Spa Pure Natural Clear 16 oz

Spa Pure Natural Clear is a polymer-based clarifier that enhances the water in four (4) different ways.

  • Clarifies cloudy water
  • Natural Clear gathers debris, waste, and tiny particles that are usually too small to be filtered out.Eliminates dissolved metals
  • Natural Clear is known as a "chelating agent" which actually removes the metals by catching them in the filter. After running Natural Clear through the filter for 8 hours, it is recommended to clean it.Removes contaminants, oils, and soaps
  • Natural Clear is a natural, biopolymer formula, or long-chain molecule, flocking the contaminants together to be removed from the water through the filter.Improves filter efficiency
  • Natural Clear sets up a coated network in the filter media so the filter can more efficiently collect debris and contaminants.

Spa Pure Natural Clear Dosage:
  • Weekly Maintenance: Apply 1 ounce of Natural Clear per 500 gallons of water each week
  • Cloudy Water: Apply 2 to 3 ounces of Natural Clear per 500 gallons of spa water