Spa Pure pH Down 1.5 lbs


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Product Number: C002625-CS20B8
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Spa Pure pH Down 1.5 lbs

Spa Pure pH Down is used to lower pH levels in your spa. pH is a measurement of the acidity of the spa's water. The optimal range for pH is between 7.4 and 7.6 for sanitizer effectiveness and protection of the spa parts and equipment, as well as user comfort.

The water becomes acidic when the pH drops below 7.4 and becomes corrosive to spa parts and equipment, as well as causing eye and skin irritation. When the pH rises above 7.6, the water becomes too base or alkaline. The sanitizer loses effectiveness and minerals can fall out of the solution, causing cloudy water, scale buildup (feels like sand paper on the spa shell), and equipment damage.

Spa Pure pH Down Features:
  • Reduces risk of corrosion of metal, pumps motors, and heaters
  • Dissolves quickly in spa water
  • Active Ingredient: 99% Sodium Bisulfate
Spa Pure pH Down Dosage:
If your water testing kit indicates that the pH is above 7.6, sprinkle one tablespoon of pH Down per 500 gallons of water in your spa.

Note: When comparing Spa Pure dosage amounts to other chemical brands you will find that Spa Pure pH Down offers the BEST VALUE for your money.