Nature 2 Spa Test Strips - W29300

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Product Number: W29300
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Full Description

Nature 2 Spa Test Strips - W29300

Nature2 Spa Test Strips help you keep your spa's water at its optimum chemical balance. Testing is fast and easy with the Nature2 strips. Designed for use with Nature2 Mineral Sticks and Nature2 Cense Shock or other Non-Chlorine (monopersulfate) based shocks.

Just dip and swirl the test strip. See accurate and reliable results on the levels of MPS (Cense Shock / Monopersulfate), alkalinity, and pH in your spa's water.

Nature 2 Spa Test Strips Accurately Tests:

  • MPS (Cense Shock / Monopersulfate): Low - OK - High
  • Alkalinity: 0 - 240 ppm
  • pH: 6.2 - 9.0