Speck Pumps BADU EcoM3 V 1 HP Pump IG135-V165T-000


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Product Number: IG135-V165T-000
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Full Description

Speck Pumps BADU EcoM3 V Pump IG135-V165T-000

The Speck Pumps BADU EcoM3 V pump features state of the art technology that meets strict energy and environmental standards. This high efficiency pump uses a permanent magnetic brushless DC motor controlled by advance logic electronics to reduce operating costs, lower energy output, and reduce noise. The Speck BADU EcoM3 V pump is environmentally friendly, and uses only 100% recyclable plastic.

Speck Pumps BADU EcoM3 V Features:

  • Variable speed
  • 1.65 THP
  • 208-230 volts
  • Variable speed, energy efficient 56 frame motor
  • Features a mechanical shaft seal that allows the pump to run dry for up to one hour without harming the pump
  • May be used in pools with salt concentrations up to 5000 ppm and temperatures up to 175° F
  • Non-corrosive parts are made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Chemical and UV resistant
  • Includes 2" suction and 1-1/2" / 2" discharge unions
  • 1.65 THP motor comes with built-in controller
  • RPM levels can be set for 600 to 3450, and can be set in increments of 250
  • Maintenance-free, TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) permanent magnet brushless 56 frame motor is fully programmable, and features Class F insulation
  • Features freeze protection that runs the motor when temperature drops to 39 degrees F
  • Built-in 24 hour timer
  • Digital inputs are compatible with pool automation systems
  • Motor is easily removed without disturbing the plumbing
  • Large 56 frame, thermally protected motor with reuseable o-rings throughout
  • Lock ring includes newly designed handles to conveniently remove the lid
  • Engineered for safety, with a dielectric shaft sleeve to completely separate the pool water from the electric parts
  • Includes a two year warranty on the motor and all pump parts, including normal wear of the mechanical seal
  • Every pump is thoroughly tested before leaving the Speck factory
  • Remote Controller available with RS485 communications

Speck Pumps IG135-V165T-000