Speck Pumps Badu EcoMV/72-V 2.4 THP Variable Speed Pump IG245-V240T-300


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Product Number: IG245-V240T-300
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Full Description

Speck Pumps Badu EcoMV/72-V 2.4 THP Variable Speed Pump IG245-V240T-300

Speck Pump's Badu EcoMV is a high performance, medium head, variable speed pool pump. With its all-plastic, self-priming design, the Badu EcoMV is perfect for small commercial or large residential pools and spas. The pump provides durable, quiet operation, while maintaining superior performance. The Speck Badu EcoMV high performance pump is environmentally friendly, and uses only 100% recyclable plastic.

Speck Pumps Badu EcoMV/72-V Features:

  • Variable Speed
  • 2.4 THP
  • 208-230 volts
  • Premium energy efficient TEFC 56 frame motor
  • Features a mechanical shaft seal that allows the pump to run dry for up to one hour without harming the pump
  • May be used in pools with salt concentrations up to 5000 ppm and temperatures up to 175° F
  • Non-corrosive parts are made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Chemical and UV resistant
  • Includes reuseable o-rings throughout
  • Suction and discharge are designed for easy installation and maintenance, with a quick disconnect 2″ union (optional 3" union available)
  • The clear, easy to open lid has a ring lock design, and the large strainer basket is always locked in place
  • Engineered for safety, with a dielectric shaft sleeve to completely separate the pool water from the electric parts
  • Permanent magnet brushless DC 2.4 THP variable speed motor
  • Motor features built-in controller and LCD display
  • High efficiency pump motor is programmable, and is designed for easy, drop-in replacement. It may be wired with little to no modification required
  • Programmable RPM levels can be set to range from 1035 to 3450 to provide the exact RPM level to suit any application
  • High efficiency TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) 56 frame motor is fully programmable, providing flexibility in motor speed and timer settings
  • Motor is easily removed without disturbing the plumbing
  • The freeze protection feature can run the motor at 30% flow
  • Key pad may be locked for safety
  • May be used with most 3rd party electronics controllers
  • Includes a two year warranty on the motor and all pump parts, including normal wear of the mechanical seal
  • Every pump is thoroughly tested before leaving the Speck factory

Speck Pumps IG245-V240T-300