Speedo Double Barrel Kickboard


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Product Number: 7753002-001
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Full Description
Speedo Double Barrel Kickboard

If you're looking for the ultimate aid in resistance training and kicking power, the Speedo Double Barrel Kickboard is perfect for you. The Double Barrel creates resistance of 6.5 times the average kickboard so you're sure to get the most out of your training. With angled hand grips you're able to maintain a streamline position without fatiguing your hands. The dual resistance tunnels funnel the water through a tapered channel to give 6.5 times resistance. The notched tail offers accommodation for a snorkel and a neutral head position for proper alignment. Made with EVA foam, the kickboard is naturally buoyant which helps you to keep your body properly alligned.

The Speedo Double Barrel Kickboard features include:
  • Dual resistance tunnels for 6.5 times greater resistance
  • EVA foam construction to help maintain proper body alignment
  • Notched tail for neutral head position and snorkel accommodation
  • Angled hand grips for two different holding position
Speedo 7753002-001