Speedo Hydralign Junior Center Snorkel


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Product Number: 7530453-009
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Full Description
Speedo Hydralign Junior Center Snorkel

Using the Junior Size Hydralign Center Snorkel eliminates the breathing rotation to promote correct body alignment and increase speed. When incorporated into your training, you are able to simulate high altitude training and improve your respiratory strength when used with the optional LO2 Top (sold separately).

There are fit point markers on the snorkel tube to ensure consistent fitting each training session and allow for adjustments when training different strokes. The low profile design improves visibility and reduces drag. The soft, flexible headband is comfortable enough for extended training sessions and eliminates pinching and headaches.

Junior Hydralign Center Snorkel Features:
Junior size for swimmers 12 and under includes a smaller mouthpiece and snorkel tube
Soft, flexible fit head band
Adjustable fit for different stroke training
Low profile design for improved vision and fit
Liquid silicone for improved comfort and durability
Easy to attach and detach the headband from the tube
Optional LO2 Top for Respiratory Training Available (sold separately)
Optional DT Top to prevent water from enter the snorkel up submergence (sold separately)