Speedo Jr. Caliber Mask

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Speedo Jr. Caliber Mask

Help your young swimmer keep their eyes open with the Speedo Jr. Caliber Mask. Made with a new Elastomeric technology, the mask will avoid uncomfortable raccoon eyes. The liquid silicone seals and straps provide increased flexibility and comfort so swimming with goggles will be better than for your swimmer. The Jr. Caliber Mask also has Clearsight technology which helps avoid eye fatigue by offering extended, undistorted peripheral vision. The Mask comes with Speed Fit clips for simple adjusting.

The Speedo Jr. Caliber Mask features include:
  • Elastomeric technology to prevent painful raccoon eyes
  • Liquid silicone seals and straps for flexibility and comfort
  • Clearsight technology to prevent eye fatigue
  • Speed Fit clips for simple adjusting
Speedo 7750136