S.R. Smith Large Centering Device A9792/A9903


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Product Number: A9792-A9903
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S.R. Smith Large Centering Device A9792/A9903

Large Centering Device for S.R. Smith Lighting

S.R. Smith A9792/A9903
Wireless Pool Controller 1 (WPC1) offers all the benefits of a small and simple power center. It can be operated by the included wireless remote, and features a three position (On, Off, Auto), 24-hour time clock for pump control, along with two additional circuits for wireless lighting switching. There is a manual override switch on each light circuit. It is a low cost solution for any 12VAC 30W or 120VAC 8 Amp remote control system. - See more at: http://www.srsmith.com/en/products/pool-lighting/..