Sun Bum Sea Spray


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Product Number: 80-41025
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Full Description
Sun Bum Sea Spray

Sun Bums Beach Formula Sea Spray protects your hair from the elements while giving it extra body, waves, and texture for that beach windswept look. The lightweight formula enhances strand separation and definition, instantly blocking humidity that causes frizz. It'll give your hair just the right amount of volume with a matt-finish hold.

Sun Bums Beach Formulas protect hair from damaging UV rays and shield your precious locks from becoming dull, brittle, frizzy and discolored.

Sea Spray Features:
  • Protects hair from the elements
  • Provides extra body, waves and texture to hair
  • Enhances strand separation and definition
  • Gives hair the right amount of volume with a matt-finish hold
  • Enriched with Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, Sea Kelp and Seaweed
  • Paraben, Silicone, Alcohol and Free Cruelty
  • Free Made in USA
  • 6 Ounce Spray Bottle / 117 mL

Sun Bum Hair Care products are carefully formulated for those of us who live and love in the sun.