Swim Diapers

Swim Diapers

If you take infants or toddlers into the pool during the summertime, you should spend some time thinking about swim diapers. If you haven’t considered their importance before, now is a time to get better acquainted with them and learn about their many benefits.

Swim diapers are important because they help protect your kids and other swimmers in the pool from waterborne disease that may be transferred via fecal matter. In fact, a well-fitted swim diaper will prevent a child’s stool from leaking into the water, trapping over 95% of the accompanying E. coli bacteria. If you’re at a public pool (most of which require the use of swim diapers), state law often mandates that when solid waste enters the water, swimming facilities have to be shut down and cleaned before it can be used again. While the pull-on/tear away swim diapers are popular, they’re not nearly as protective against leaks as the reusable swim diaper options.

As a parent, you should be sure to keep your child out of the water if he or she is ill with diarrhea. While a good quality swim diaper is great, nothing helps protect other swimmers if your child has diarrhea. These diapers are not a substitute for frequent diaper changes and bathroom breaks for newly potty-trained tots so make sure you make trips to the bathroom to check every 45-60 minutes. When you do need to perform a diaper change, be sure to do it far enough away from the pool to prevent contamination. You should also make sure to wash your hands before getting in the water again. If you’re using reusable swim diapers, keep several on hand in case these kinds of changes become necessary.

If you own a pool, make sure your guests know the importance of using swim diapers and not letting their children swim if they are sick with diarrhea.

Reusable diapers are made of two layers—a durable nylon on the outside that is made to resist wear due to chlorine and an inner layer that is made from flannel or brushed cotton that is soft and non-irritating. Reusable diapers are also more cost effective and cut down on waste. These diapers are fairly easy to launder: simply rinse out as soon as possible, turn diaper lining inside out, reattaching any Velcro fastenings to protect them from damage, machine or hand wash as directed in hot and soapy water, and machine or line dry as directed.

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