Swim Fins

Swim Fins

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise there is. It provides an excellent cardio workout while strengthening and lengthening muscles all over the entire body because the whole body is engaged during a swim. For those looking to improve their kick and strengthen their core, investing in some training materials may be a good idea. At Sunplay, we carry swim fins that are meant to help you improve your kick technique and build up your leg muscles.

During swim training sessions, swim fins help to balance propulsion and kicking tempo while simultaneously promoting short, fast kicks. Swim fins also increase leg strength and improve foot flexibility. There has been a longstanding misconception that swim fins cheat you out of a quality swim workout by lessening the effort needed to swim faster. However, when used sparingly and correctly within the context of an overall workout, fins make the users’ legs stronger, improve cardio endurance, and help the user focus on proper stroke technique.

Sunplay carries fins that have all different and specific benefits. There is the Monofin by Finis that helps the user work on his or her dolphin kicks, the Finis Floating Fins that make the wearer work extra hard in the water to keep the fins submerged, and Speedo Breaststroke fins meant specifically for a stroke that traditionally has not had a fin that aids in its development. We carry many fins in both adult and child sizes to help that young swimmer in your life really get their technique tightened up.

We also carry swim booties for comfort and Head Power Locks to ensure fin fit. Be sure to browse through all of the fin options carried at Sunplay manufactured by trusted brands like Aqua Sphere, Finis, Head, Speedo and TYR. Improve your technique one kick at a time.