Paddles and Gloves

Swim Paddles & Gloves

Swim paddles and gloves are a great swim aid that will help swimmers increase their upper body strength and get better in training sessions and see results in competitive meets. They are designed to help improve reach and distance-per-stroke. They encourage strong pull and increase efficiency and better hip rotation. Designs are often made to help prevent shoulder strain and adjustable straps make for the perfect fit.

Sunplay carries paddles and gloves from reliable companies in the competitive swim world like Finis, Speedo, Head, TYR, and Aqua Sphere. Many models are available in different sizes (for junior swimmers) and in all sorts of colors to personalize your training experience.

Often used in conjunction with pull buoys that calm the hips and legs, paddles and gloves are meant to help swimmers improve their arm and shoulder strength while focusing on good stroke technique. They are used by everyone from recreational swimmers to Olympians. All paddles and gloves are a little different and help you focus on different parts of your stroke so it’s important to find one that will work for you.

Swim paddles come in lots of shapes and sizes and can be large or small, flat or curved. A traditional paddle is stiff and will be slightly larger than the hand it’s attached to. The size of the paddle determines the amount of resistance in the water. Paddles that have holes allow water to flow through the paddle and reduce the resistance to allow a natural stroke. Beginners to this practice should begin with paddles that are only slightly larger than their hand and build to larger paddles to build resistance and strength.

Swim gloves are made of a soft neoprene and have webbing between the fingers of the gloves that give extra resistance in the water when the user spreads his or her fingers. While lap swimmers can use swim gloves, they require spread fingers to create resistance which is not a good swim technique. Open water swimmers love gloves to train in lakes and oceans because they’re easy to use and provide some extra insulation. Mostly, glove users are made up off people who practice aquatic fitness. Swim gloves fit comfortably in the water and are ideal for periods of extended use in the water.

Paddles and gloves are great when used in conjunction with other training aids like a pull buoy. Removing the need to kick in the water isolates your stroke, keeping you focused on your technique while you build strength and endurance. Remember: swim paddles place a great amount of strain on shoulders so start with smaller paddles and use them for short distances before building up to larger sizes. This will help to avoid injuries and muscle exhaustion.

Pay attention when selecting a color because that sometimes means you’re selecting a different size rather than just purchasing based on color preference.