Pull Buoys

Pull Buoys

A pull buoy is basically the opposite of a swimming kickboard. Instead of supporting the upper body so that you can focus on your kick technique, pull buoys (sometimes referred to as a pull kick or a pull float) are a training aid that supports the hips and legs so you can focus on your stroke. It also helps swimmers to be able to work out longer and build up endurance.

Pull Buoys are able to promote upper body strength by taking the legs and hips out of the equation. It also helps swimmers develop good body positioning in the water and is a great tool for swimmers trying to master two-sided breathing.

Made from a soft and durable EVA foam that won’t chafe or irritate the skin, pull buoys are comfortable enough to be used for extended periods of time. It’s called a pull buoy because by keeping your hips and legs stabilized, it helps swimmers to train on the “pull” phase of the swim stroke. It’s shaped like a figure-eight because during a workout, the swimmer holds it between their thighs or ankles to support the body while prohibiting kicking. Pull buoys are a great way to give your arms a more focused workout while encouraging good body positioning and refined technique. It always helps swimmers who have “heavy legs” or legs that dip in the water to help them have better body positioning.

At Sunplay, we carry high quality pull buoys manufactured by all the leaders in the swim world: Finis, TYR, Nike, Speedo, Head, and Aqua Sphere. We also carry a few junior sizes with the Finis Pull Buoy Jr. and the Speedo Pull Buoy Jr. Both of these products are made for youth 12 years and younger and those with smaller legs. It improves a young swimmer’s core strength while helping them rotate their hips properly and focus on a good stroke in the water.

If you want a specialty float, try the Hydrofoil Pull Float for elite training. The shape is unique from others in that it has a lower overall height and longer surface area that improves the swimmer’s hydrodynamics in the water. Whether you choose a product from Head, Speedo, Finis, or any other brand we carry at Sunplay, you’re sure to improve your swim stroke and become a better swimmer.