AquaFinesse Swim Spa Water Care Tablets - 956317


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Product Number: 956317
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Full Description

AquaFinesse Swim Spa Water Care Tablets - 956317

Water Care tablets can reduce chlorine usage by up to 60%. They loosen the bio-film that forms on spa surfaces and inside plumbing lines. They also help soften the water for a more comfortable experience.


  • Smaller tablets
  • Can reduce chlorine/bromine usage by up to 60%
  • Loosens bio-film and removes water mold and slime from plumbing lines
  • Prolongs equipment life and liners by removing scale and lime deposits
  • Softens pool water
  • Includes 20 Tablets (0.9 ounces each)

Dosage Amounts:

  • Add (1) tablet to the skimmer or floating dispenser each week