Pool Nets


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Items 1 to 24 of 39 total

You don't want to go through the trouble trying to always clean your pool out, when you can do it quick and easy by using a pool net. Save time! You want to get into your pool with your family and friends having your pool look amazing! Pool nets are very handy, and can quickly remove things in your pool, such things like grass, bugs or leaves.
We carry many different varieties of pool nets that you would want to use; in order to have a clean pool, faster. All of our pool nets work pretty much the same way. They can clear simple, dirty things out of your pool. But there are different types of pool nets that certain people might prefer that we have. Things like the...

Leaf Rake: That easily allows the water to flow through the net and traps your items easily. We also have an Animal Leaf Rake that is made deeper so you can grab large amounts of leaves or debris at the bottom of your pool.

Leaf Skimmer: Which has extra durability and strength around the rim, and can handle heavier things for you to pull out of the water. It allows water to flow freely and is easily able to catch your objects in the net. There are many features that you can get JUST from one. We also have one with a magnet, to quickly grab those metal objects in your pool a lot faster. They're awesome!

Rocket Bag: Is an extra large net, that can get even more things into your net at once. Especially, with an easy scoop edge. And it STILL has the great strength of the other ones. We also have the Leaf Rake Rocket Bag, which also has larger openings, and narrows down the need for constantly having to shake the net out to get rid of your items. Especially with an extra large capacity debris bag!

Leaf Rake Sand and Silt Bag: On the other pool nets, sand and silt, along with many other tiny things are able to go right through the nets just like that! But with our Sand and Silt Bags, our nets specifically will catch these sand and silt bits; it will definitely make your job a whole lot easier!

Our pool nets help get rid of common problems very easily, that many people usually face. You can extend the life and length on your pole, with any of these nets to reach out for things that are further away, which WILL make your job a lot easier and faster when you are grabbing these dirty items in your pool.