SwimSpray Chlorine Odor Remover


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Full Description
SwimSpray Chlorine Odor Remover

SwimSpray safely eliminates chlorine odor from your hair and skin by completely neutralizing all of the lingering chlorine. The formula is completely safe with its only ingredients being water and vitamin C.

Swim Spray Features:
  • Completely eliminates chlorine odor from your hair and skin
  • Uses a new vitamin C technology to neutralize lingering chlorine
  • Odor free formula doesn't mask the smell but actually removes it
  • Can be used with your favorite brand of skin and hair care products
  • Also neutralizes chlorine in your swimsuit
  • Each bottle is good for about 45 swims
  • Recommended for use after swimming or soaking in your spa
  • 6 Ounce Continuous Spray Bottle
Directions for use
  • After swimming or getting out of your spa, rinse off in the shower.
  • Spray SwimSpray on your hair and skin.
  • Shower normally with your favorite skin and hair care products.