TYR Aquatic Fitness Resistance Belt


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Product Number: LAQRES-011
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Full Description
TYR Aquatic Fitness Resistance Belt

Designed for training in place in virtually any pool. A comfortable, neoprene-covered nylon belt fits around your waist and the fabric-covered elastic cord is durable and safer than conventional rubber tubing.

Simply attach the cord to any solid anchor point around the pool such as a ladder pole or diving block and attach the cords to your hip. This will allow you to swim kick freely in a stationary position to work on your stroke technique and develop endurance. They work great for working on your freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and kick training. It doesn't take up much room and fit great in your swim bag or luggage if you are traveling.

Stationary Cords Features:
  • Swim Cords with Hip Belt.
  • Soft strap that won't restrict your kicking.
  • Practice your technique, head, body and hip positions.
  • Allows you to swim for long periods of times in small backyard and hotel pools.
  • Great coaching aid to observe the swimmers stroke while staying stationary.
  • Works with all strokes.
  • The resistance cord is 6' long when relaxed and 14' when fully stretched.
  • Fits waist sizes from 27" to 40"