TYR Pull Float

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TYR Pull Float

The classic TYR pull float helps to maximize your upper body workout by immobilizing the legs so you can focus on your arm stroke, technique and body positioning. This increases resistance and weight in the water which helps to build your upper body strength. The buoy also helps to lift the hips and legs to focus on swimming downhill with proper technique. It is made of soft, EVA foam that is comfortable for extended use and won't chafe or irritate the skin.

Pull Float Features:
  • Helps you develop upper body strength, technique and proper body positioning by immobilizing your legs.
  • Increases resistance and weight in the water.
  • Promotes an elevated body position by lifting the legs and hips.
  • Improves hip rotation while pulling to build core strength.
  • One-piece, soft EVA foam that won't irritate or chafe your skin.
  • Improves training on the "pull" phase of the swim stroke.