TYR Socket Rockets 2.0

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Full Description
TYR Socket Rockets 2.0

Swedish style
Socket Rockets 2.0 goggles have a sleek, low profile design that is ideal for racing in swim competitions. The streamlined fit minimizes drag and the lenses offer a wide peripheral range for optimal sighting. Unlike standard Swedish style goggles that do not have any gasket, the Socket Rockets 2.0 goggles have a rubber seal for an extremely close, comfortable fit. This greatly increases comfort while maintaining maximum drag reduction.

Socket Rockets 2.0 Goggle Features:
  • Designed for racing and swim competitions
  • Low profile design for maximum drag reduction
  • Lenses provide wide peripheral vision
  • Socket seal gaskets with rubber seal for an extremely close fit
  • Rubber strap and nosebridge provides a comfortable and secure fit