Vanishing Act Calcium Remover


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Full Description
Vanishing Act Calcium Remover

The Vanishing Act calcium remover reduces total hardness on virtually any hot tub without adding chemicals. Its outer felt bag, filled with a water-softening, ion exchange resin, captures calcium and removes it from the spa water. Placed on a suction fitting, the unit attracts and traps calcium particles for easy disposal after 24 hours.

Vanishing Act Benefits:
  • Softens water for a more enjoyable hot tub experience.
  • Helps protect components from damage that can result from hard water.
  • Can be used with all hot tubs

After filling your hot tub, use a test kit to measure the hardness level of the water. If hardness is above 100 ppm, use the Vanishing Act calcium remover to soften the water. Suggested Hardness Level: 50-100 ppm. On average, the Vanishing Act calcium remover will decrease hardness by nearly 75ppm in a single use.