Weld-On Pool Primer - 1/4 Pint


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Full Description
Weld-On Pool Primer

Pool Primer is specially formulated for pool plumbing PVC applications. It is a quality low VOC primer that is essential for softening and prep of PVC pip and fitting surfaces.

WELD-ON Pool Primer, when used in conjunction with appropriate WELD-ON Pool and Spa solvent cements, will make consistently strong, well-fused joints. It is essential that the joining surfaces of pipe and fittings be softened and remains softened prior to assembly. The main function of the primer is to expedite the penetration and softening of the surfaces. Its rate of penetration into the joining surfaces is more rapid than that of solvent cement alone. Pool Primer is suitable for use with all types, classes and schedules of PVC pipe and fittings

  • Can be used on all Schedules, Classes and Types of PVC Pipe and Fittings
  • Low VOC Primer
  • Ensures proper softening and surface preparation
  • 1/4 Pint Bottle with Lid Applicator