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Zodiac VinylCare Caretaker In-Floor 5-Port Cleaning System with (8) Dark Blue Cleaning Heads


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Product Number: 7-5-220
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Full Description

Zodiac VinylCare Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning System 7-5-220

The Zodiac VinylCare Caretaker is the original 5-Port in-floor pool and spa cleaning system and includes (8) Dark Blue Cleaning Heads. The VinylCare Caretaker system is for vinyl swimming pools and uses the pressure of clean water to provide circulation benefits, and maintenance cost savings. When the system is on, water is directed by the Caretaker automatic valve to the cleaning heads. In approximately one hour, all cleaning heads in all banks are activated, with each head cleaning a full 360-degree radius. In one hour, a Caretaker System circulates clean water throughout the entire pool. Every section of your pool receives an even distribution of chemicals and heat that prevents algae growth and eliminates cold spots.

The Caretaker 5-Port in-floor system provides the most advanced technology available in the swimming pool industry today. It is engineered to reduce the daily cost of operating a pool through controlled energy and chemical use.

The Caretaker system is a custom-designed water management and cleaning system that uses the pressure of clean water to systematically circulate chemicals and heat to create a cost effective, balanced, and healthier pool environment. Floors, steps, swim-outs, benches and difficult to reach areas are cleaned by the inconspicuous rotating pop-up heads that either move debris into the main drain or into suspension where it is removed by the skimmer.

How does the Caretaker System operate?

One bank, or group of heads, comes up at a time, rotates to a new position, and disperses a high-pressure stream of filtered water for a short period of time. The valve then automatically cycles to another bank of heads and continues to cycle as long as the pump is on and the system is activated. Between cycles, the heads that are not in use will return flush with the pool floor. When the system completes a full cycle, all the heads return flush with the pool floor.

The Caretaker System Includes:
  • 8 Dark Blue Vinyl Pool Cleaning Heads with Floor Fittings
  • Caretaker Water Valve System
  • Cup Strainer
  • 5 Small O-rings (Includes Cleaning Heads - Nozzles Sold Separately)
The actual run time required to keep your pool or spa clean varies according to your environmental conditions (i.e. wind, rain, dust or landscaping, etc.). To determine the proper time, start by running the pool 24 hours per day. Reduce the run time by two hours every two days until the pool ceases to be as clean as preferred. Six hours per day is our recommended minimum run time.

Zodiac VinylCare Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning System 7-5-220
Zodiac 7-5-220
Jandy 7-5-220