Zodiac WaterStars Pool Fountain


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Product Number: 7-400-00
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Full Description
Zodiac WaterStars Pool Fountain

The WaterStars Fountain is easy to install, durable and adds the beauty of a fountain to your pool for everyday use or for special occasions. It includes a three-tier and morning glory fountain head and can be adjusted to allow you to change the shape and size of the water display.

  • Transforms your pool into a beautiful fountain with the sight and sound of gently falling water
  • Can be used on both in-ground and above ground pools
  • Includes a three-tier and morning glory fountain head
  • Adjustable nozzles allow you to change the size of the water display
  • Attaches to the pool return to create the water flow for the fountain
  • Extra wide, durable base that floats on the pool surface
  • 10' Hose kit
  • The Zodiac WaterStars uses a universal wall fitting (UWF-Included) that fits into the 1-1/2" female threaded return line.
  • If more hose is needed to position the fountain, additional ten-foot hose sections are available (Part # 7-310-00)

Zodiac 7-400-00