Zoggs Lil Predator Goggles

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Zoggs Lil Predator Goggles

The Lil Predator Goggles feature tinted lenses that soften the sun's glare and protects your eyes in open water swimming. These custom made, Italian lenses are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and the medium tint offers a good balanced lens color..

Predator Flex Goggle frames are sized for kids and the skeleton frame with silicone injected seals is light and flexes to your face for extra comfort. The nose bridge will not spread when the headstrap is tightened

Special Features Include:
* Fogbuster - Embedded anti-fog lenses for the best in fog free vision.
* Quick Adjust Strap - The quick adjust strap mechanism can be adjusted in seconds.
* Curved Lens Technology - Provides 180 degree vision with zero distortion.
* Silicone Strap and Seals - High quality silicone for seals and headstraps that are soft and pliable for comfort.
* Double Headstraps - Split headstraps fit over the crown of your head to keep the goggle securely in place.
* UV Protection - Safety protected lenses that protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Size: Kids Size - Fits general kids 3 to 8 years of age. Some 8 year olds will be able to wear size s/m and likewise some 9 year olds still fit in the kids size.